I have worked with very many clients as a professional coach, facilitator and trainer, helping them to create successful life plans, change their behaviour, develop their thinking and become much more successful in their life and their work.

I am constantly amazed by the resourcefulness and creativity my clients discover within themselves when they are allowed to think in a supportive environment and are challenged to take action in their real lives.

Many have been kind enough to say things that might encourage you to work with me in the future and I’d like to share a few of these with you here:

Coaching clients have shared:

It was a pleasure to meet you last week – I really enjoyed the session. Indeed, I have been recommending you to my colleagues non-stop, describing you (if you don’t mind) as exactly “the small gin and tonic” I needed! I think you get what I mean – I really did get a lot out of the session.



I have to tell you that I do not sleep well the night of the call! I thought that tea, coffee and chocolate were to blame but it’s simply that my head is buzzing. Last night I just had to get out of bed and make a to-do-list, just of the things we had discussed.



Every day since last week (I know that’s not too long ago) I have ensured that I take time to think of the 3 good things from the day. Actually, I have had difficulty restricting it to just 3, so that’s a good thing, I think. I am working hard on my grand plan, trying to stick to the key deliverables, regardless of whatever spanners have been thrown into the mix, and there have been a few over this past day or two for sure. I have ‘stood up for myself’ twice today – and have lived to tell the tale (but probably off a few Christmas card lists), so I am learning. Thank you again for your help (my family are very grateful too!).


I very much enjoyed our coaching sessions. For the most part our talk reinforced something I knew but I suppose, like many people, I let slip to the back of my mind – that it is up to me, to create opportunities for myself, meet people and basically push myself to get where I want to be (although not 100% sure where exactly that is yet!). But also that there is no reason why I can’t do it, hearing about impostor syndrome was reassuring! I will certainly keep in touch and let you know how things are unfolding.



Thank you so much for the very helpful session. I have already started applying for new jobs more vigorously so thank you once again for motivating me to start the whole process! I will soon be writing cover letters and CVs and start the process of speculative applications directly to companies as well as specialized head-hunters.

Do keep in touch!



I thought I’d tell you that after our coaching sessions I decided to undertake a project management course as you suggested. This turned out very useful when a national organisation was looking for scientific programme officers in December, and now I will start working for them from March. Thanks again for our chat, it has been very useful indeed!

Best wishes,



I think the best feedback I could give you is the fact I recommended friends to come to you. The session itself was value for money and a valuable experience. In a short time I was able to reuse what I gained from the exercises in my personal and working life. Your life coaching approach is a simple, refreshing and easy to pick up. I found the changes I wanted for the future happened with an ease I had not expected.

Best Wishes, Brenda


I had the discussion with my manager and we’re already in the middle of a significant new initiative (reminding me why I dislike writing but needs must…….). I have also found that asking people to come back to me later has resulted in a 60% drop in my time spent on other peoples stuff. I’ve even done a study on it and found that the time difference has to be at least 4 hours or more to stop them just asking again. Useful info 😉

I have now 2 notebooks both of which are nice, shiny and black, one of plans which I can satisfyingly tick off as they get done, very satisfying! The other for ideas, paper things and other less desirable aspects of work that I view as a necessary evil. Writing was never my favourite aspect but documents need to be written and it helps to have a plan for each of them.

Thanks for everything.



Margaret has a genuine interest in people and a desire to support them while they make their individual journey of self-discovery. She encourages you to have confidence in the decisions you need to make because she teaches how to question and to listen to your inner dialogue. You just know instinctively that confidentiality is a key word for Margaret. Finally, you know you can always contact her.



Dear Margaret,

Thank you allowing me to reflect on what matters most. It gave me an opportunity for a fresh perspective on things. You renewed my energy to take control of my time to make my life more rounded. Reminded me how important it was to take time to ‘smell the roses’. I found the behavioural styles fascinating and can see how it will improve my effectiveness in working with adults and with children in the classroom to obtain the best from them.

I certainly found the sessions both rewarding and refreshing.



The one to one coaching time was money well spent. After the first call I found I was able to take responsibility and start to think on a way forward rather than being stuck on what went wrong and how things were unfair. Future calls motivated me and I began to be creative in opening up more avenues I had not thought about before. One of those was getting myself a Mentor. This was helpful in keeping me focused on the task ahead. Your encouragement built my confidence and that knocked my belief system, moving me from thinking I was unable to take on the challenge ahead to believing not only was it possible to take on the challenge but I would enjoy the experience and it would be worthwhile.



I had reached a stage in my life where I knew I needed to make some serious changes in direction. Margaret’s skills enabled me to focus sufficiently clearly on the challenges I faced in order to see the areas in my life which needed to be addressed.



I found the course extremely helpful. It allowed me the opportunity to look at my life from a new perspective. I realised that I was the only one who could change the way things were going for me. Each week I felt I was closer to finding the baddy in my personal movie, and therefore would be able to cut them out of my life, only to find at the end of the course, that in my case, the baddy was me, making myself feel bad for things out of my control. I have been able to step back and allow others to help in situations that I thought only I could handle, and have finally allowed those close to me to share my life, ups as well as downs. I have also discovered that in allowing others to help, they too have felt more valued within our relationship. This is a win-win situation.



Margaret, genuinely, I really want to thank you for showing me my true self. Things go from strength to strength at home. I have now returned to work and much of the child care and house hold stuff is done by Lindsay (and he is a little too good for my liking)

It’s surprising that I can deal on a day to day basis with the woes of other families but could not see the wood for the trees in my own life.

Thanks again,


Participants on previous workshops have shared the following:

Presentation Skills

I completed a feedback form at this course but would just like to re-iterate how much I appreciated the day. Margaret Collins was extremely motivating and ran a very enjoyable and informative session.

I can truthfully say that I have never attended a better course, either here or in the many years I have worked in the commercial sector. I hope that she will run many further sessions for us in the future.


It was an absolute pleasure to meet you last Wednesday – I’m not sure I have come down from the high yet! I came to the workshop with a deep fear of public speaking but left wanting to conquer that fear and perhaps even enjoy the experience in the future. Your calm demeanour and sound advice will, I hope, stay with me and inspire me, not only when called upon to give a presentation but also in day to day life. I really didn’t expect to have so much fun and to come away having thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Thank you so much.



It has re-enforced what I knew about pace. It has taught me about ways we make an impression, and how to make a good one. It has made me feel more confident and positive about the networking aspects of conferences. It has given me a chance to present my work succinctly to a generalist audience. Some very handy PowerPoint tips. Tips on handling questions from the floor. Also, listening to other people’s presentations was a very good way to bring home the lessons about what makes a presentation stronger or weaker. I will appreciate the chance to look at the video of my own presentation to help me improve it.


This was probably the best and most useful workshop I have attended so far. I thought there was the right balance of theory and practical, and Dr Collins was a fantastic facilitator. The multi-disciplinary nature of this workshop was a real key to its success, and Dr Collins structured the feedback from the others so that we were all very constructive about each others’ skills.


I am writing to say that yesterday’s Presentation Skills Workshop delivered by Margaret Collins was one of the most useful, well presented, informative, supportive workshops I have ever attended.  The day exceeded my expectations and provided key skills and techniques to enable the dreaded presentation to be met with more confidence……


Time management

Some really interesting concepts about positive mental attitude. I really enjoyed the delivery and enthusiasm of the presenter. Interaction with others was good – we have the same challenges but respond very differently. Lots of different time management tools.


I would like to thank you for the training last week. For me the time management 3 hours was probably the best 3 hours training I have ever spent. I came away with really practical solutions that enabled me to go back into the office with a clear plan for change. My day was energised by a sense of focus because rather than the day controlling me, I feel that I have a strategy that enables me to manage my day and get the job done.

For some reason the way you presented the session meant that I remembered the information and this information has kept coming to mind to keep me on task. I have shared what I have learned with lots of other people and I will be eating frogs at the start of every day until the supply runs out.

Mevalyn Cross


I have been on several time management workshops during my previous 30-year commercial career but I found Margaret’s course the best by far. She managed to contextualize the material to precisely fit my needs as a new PhD Researcher. I came away fired up to use several tools (some new, some old) in the best way to help me manage me!



This was one of the best and most useful workshops I have attended. It offered insight into our attitudes and how this affects our use of time and some excellent practical strategies that are easy to implement e.g. re emails, diaries, dealing with requests. Margaret’s presentation was just the right pace and structure. I found the handout extremely useful and have already found benefits in terms of using new strategies.

Saying No Positively

Dr Margaret Collins is an amazing teacher. She delivers her workshop in a magnificent way. I am very glad I attended this workshop! It’s a good workshop and I can use the skills that I have learnt to apply to my real life situations. Thank you very much for a valuable and useful course.


I learned that I need to turn situations around in my head and that by saying no to something I’m actually saying yes to something else. I didn’t realise how much guilt I get from things like saying no to people and I now have tools to be able to deal with it.

I need to respond to people with an answer (either positive or negative) rather than leaving it hanging until the last minute and feeling guilty about that. I suspect this all is something that will require more thought and won’t change overnight but hopefully I can implement gradually.

Assertiveness Skills

Just few lines to let you know that the Assertiveness Workshop was fantastic for me. The quality of information you delivered helped me a lot in several areas and I am just looking forward to do the next workshop: Dealing with Difficult People to complete the circle. Although this is a hint of the whole, I know there is a window for me to go through to get more. Congratulations for being a wonderful coach.

Carmen E. Griffiths


I would just like to say a big thank you for your course in assertiveness skills last Thursday. I certainly came away with lots of tools and hopefully have started to put into practice. Many thanks again for a very interesting and helpful course.

Michelle O’Brien

Confident Speaking at Meetings

Dear Margaret

I attended the Confident Speaking At Meetings yesterday, which I honestly found to be one of the best courses I have attended here at the University. It was excellent – very useful indeed. Thank you so much.

On my course feedback questionnaire I also mentioned that I feel anyone, no matter how junior or senior would benefit from the course – and that I wish I’d done it years ago. Which indeed I wish I had – I might have been in an entirely different place now had I done so!

Thanks again,



I enjoyed the course, it was well presented and structured and we, the participants were engaged throughout the workshop, through partner work and discussions in the whole group. The highlight for me was to learn how to deal with anxiety and how to get more confident.

I just enjoyed how Margaret delivered the course.

Dr. Sladjana Malic


I found the day very interesting and enjoyable and a lot less scary than I was expecting! I was made to feel really relaxed and involved and the role play and discussion activities were great. I learnt lots of interesting facts and useful techniques that I can use not only in meetings but also in other situations inside and outside of a work environment.

Jess Evans