What’s in a name?


“The prime minister will announce on Monday that a series of leading employers in the public and private sectors have agreed to recruit candidates on a name blind basis (including the BBC, the NHS, the civil service outside the highest ranks, KPMG and HSBC). Deloitte will say that it is going a step further and blanking out the name of a candidate’s school and university during the interview process.” The Guardian 26.10.15 What is so dangerous in knowing the name of a […]

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Women in senior positions – what is holding you back?

Man and Woman share a "high 5" success

While I was a researcher working my way up through the ranks and now, as a coach working with women in various organisations, I see again and again, the very male dominated ranks of senior management groups. Why is this? Over the years many possible reasons have been put forward – women weren’t good enough, weren’t tough enough, preferred family over career, would get there in equal numbers just as soon as the pipeline flowed through… Each of these has been […]

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