A 50+ hour work week?

Pulling together

Fact: many researchers and academics work long hours. It’s the type of career that you choose because you love it. Work-life balance usually means something different to researchers than to many people. Most researchers will tell you that they love the work so much that it often doesn’t feel like work. I know I always felt really privileged that I got paid to do stuff that I was amazingly interested in, each and every day. But, (and you knew the but was coming […]

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Procrastination busted open!

traffic-light-Red and Green

I’ve read lots about procrastination – it’s a great way to avoid getting stuff done! In truth, I’m not a great procrastinator but I have worked with many people, friends, colleagues and clients who are deeply affected by putting things off. Procrastination seems to defy all logic. Most people affected know it doesn’t help them though they seem powerless to change things. So far as I can see there are many reasons why people engage, apparently unwillingly, in this activity […]

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I’m not a fan of to-do lists…

Long to do list

“The very idea of writing a to-do list sends shivers down my spine… I mean, how much time have you got?!”. “If I had the time to write a list, I wouldn’t need to be in a workshop on time management!”. Both of these quotes came from participants in a time management workshop and both received warm acceptance by most of the other group members. It’s as if we can all associate with those feelings at least some of the […]

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Work-Life – is that balance or boundaries?

When I first started coaching the subject of Work-Life-Balance was a hot topic. We talked a lot about boundaries, keeping work at work and leaving it all behind a locked office door when you came home in the evening. Work life balance was something tricky to achieve and maybe trickier to maintain. How different things feel now! The advent of smartphones, an always-on internet, wifi, 3G, 4G and an ultra-responsive business culture has meant that for many people, the idea […]

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Time Management when there’s too much to do

With so much to do and so little time, I need better time management. As the clock ticks and time passes with 60 minutes in every hour and 24 hours in every day, how come some people seem to achieve so much more than others? If we’re honest, we also know that on some days we achieve much more than on other days. So what’s the difference?! Experience has shown me that where I focus is where I go. When […]

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