Using your brain

Cartoon of cogs working in a brain

One of the additional delights of a greater understanding of neuroscience is the evidence it provides to support folk wisdom. Hebb’s law, simply put, explains that “cells that fire together wire together”. In a simplistic way this explains that the sequence of cells, neurons and synapses, in any given neural pathway, work cooperatively. The more often they are used in sequence the more likely they are to work together and the threshold for “firing” gets lower the more they are used […]

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Should I get up and leave now?

Community choir singing

Imposter feelings – where you seriously doubt whether you are good enough to be there – are surprisingly resilient. I got a fresh shot of panic, insecurity and inadequacy this week. As part of a local community choir I was learning, along with the 40 or so other members, a new song in four-part harmony. As I struggled to memorise a new melody and failed to hold the harmony when the other parts wove in and out of my line […]

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Do we ever make mistakes?

Oops! Road Sign

Several conversations with colleagues recently have raised interesting questions about how different people define a mistake… is it something that we did but it had an unexpected or unanticipated outcome? Is it something we hoped would achieve a particular thing and we discovered it wouldn’t or didn’t? Perhaps we did something and didn’t follow the rules, recipe or procedure and got less than optimal results… Maybe we even did something which worked exactly as we thought it might and then […]

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Fear Less Rejection

Firework exploding in night sky

It’s  the time of year when many things are starting again. I know it’s September and autumn is upon us but I’ve spent so much of my time in academic circles that this feels like just the right time for new beginnings; a new term, new students, new courses to teach and yes, new business to create. Even as a researcher, if I’m looking to submit a grant application early in the new year, this is the time to get […]

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