Procrastination busted open!

traffic-light-Red and GreenI’ve read lots about procrastination – it’s a great way to avoid getting stuff done!

In truth, I’m not a great procrastinator but I have worked with many people, friends, colleagues and clients who are deeply affected by putting things off.

Procrastination seems to defy all logic. Most people affected know it doesn’t help them though they seem powerless to change things.

So far as I can see there are many reasons why people engage, apparently unwillingly, in this activity and having some insight into the reasons is only part way to solving the problem. One of the most amusing and most insightful of sources is “Solving the Procrastination Puzzle” by Timothy Pychyl.

I’ve recently come across an interesting and amusing blog post, Why Procrastinators Procrastinate” written by Tim Urban – you might find helpful if you are looking to kick the habit, or for another good reason to put off an urgent task. He uses the same imagery as Prof Steve Peters in his award winning book, The Chimp Paradox, an excellent lesson in making the abstract accessible.

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