Imposter Syndrome

Young woman, hiding behind a fanYou know it’s you – the odd one out.

You’ve made it this far, succeeded, got the job, maybe even promotion. You possibly passed exams to get the grades and certificates…

Chances are people even tell you you’re doing a great job, yet you can’t quite believe it and feel sure you’ll soon be found out.

Imposter Syndrome:

You might recognise you’re affected by the Impostor Syndrome if you frequently feel you don’t know enough, you’re flying by the seat of your pants, winging it, pulling the wool over their eyes or feel like a child walking into a room full of adults every time you tackle a new assignment.

Many very successful people live with the fear that sometime soon,
people will discover that despite their track record of success to date, the awful truth is, they are a fraud.

This secret fear that we’re not really good enough is surprisingly widespread.

A little bit of uncertainty is no bad thing. Maybe it’s natural to feel concerned when doing something new, stretching yourself or expanding your comfort zone. Yes, it might feel uncomfortable but that’s normal.

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The feelings and insecurity of being an Imposter go beyond logic.

When a deep fear grips your soul even though you’re the most experienced person in the room and been doing the job for years, or maybe you’re recently appointed, well read, well informed, even highly qualified and you still think you absolutely must read another paper or take another course before you dare to express an opinion then maybe, just maybe, the Imposter Syndrome is kicking in.

When it gets to the point where these feelings are causing you stress, anxiety and fear, it’s time to find a way to move beyond Imposter Syndrome.

You know it doesn’t make sense to feel like this but logic and knowing aren’t enough to shake the feeling. The worries and anxiety can wear you down.

You might work really hard to make sure you’ve covered all the bases and then some,
but you still worry if there’s something you’ve missed or that you should know.
Alternatively you might feel that you’re not working very hard at all, didn’t try, you’re not quite sure what you did do, but you find people love your work and think you’re wonderful.

Both of these very different experiences can feed into feelings of being an Imposter.

You’ve tried doing more, reading more, learning more – and instead of making you feel better you end up feeling worse, knowing just how much you don’t know!

The Imposter Syndrome isn’t simply about lacking confidence.

People can be very confident about themselves or their achievements in many areas of their lives and still live with the uncomfortable shame of feeling a fraud in this area of what they do.

Moving beyond Imposter Syndrome

There are no magic wands but a range of simple strategies can help you move beyond your Imposter. Yes, it does help to understand the root causes but, for the most part, there’s no need to go into therapy for years – unless you want to of course!

I offer workshops where, together with like-minded people, we can develop our own escape plans and find the inspiration and support to do things differently in the future.

  • We can learn to see our own abilities more realistically.
  • We can learn to do the job without feeling sick, stressed and scared.
  • We can have to confidence to play our role and contribute more fully.

Do look at my events calendar to see if there’s a workshop coming up or contact me directly about arranging a seminar in your organisation.

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I’ve written an eBook that explains more about the Imposter Syndrome and it’s possible sources. More importantly I discuss many reflective exercises and some specific solutions you can try to take you Beyond Imposter Syndrome. The Beyond Imposter Syndrome workbook contains activities for you to use on your own and you can download a copy right now.

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