If you’re looking to make changes in your life then doing something different, taking action, works.

Even the slightest focussed effort produces momentum while doing nothing mostly changes nothing.
The key is focus. Can you create a realistic and flexible plan to suit your life and bring more of what you want into view?Woman shooting a ball into a basket

My clients  sometimes know exactly what they want. Often they have a better idea of what they don’t want in life – hassle, stress, frustration. It can take a while to get clear about what they do want and what that really looks like when it’s lived on a daily basis. Once we have a goal we can begin to create a step by step plan of things you can do… that’s the business!

Putting plans into action is often easier if you have a companion, a guide, a Coach, someone to provide a gentle prod, to remind you or to hold you accountable.

Sure, I have a tool box full of tests, ideas and resources to help you see a clear way forward but that’s only part of the reason to work with a Coach. When you hire a Coach you are inviting me to care as much about your life, your goals and your dreams as you care about them. That can be really powerful.

Geography isn’t really important. Most of my clients work with me through a combination of telephone and email coaching. It’s my job to make this as easy as possible!

You can choose from a rolling monthly contract or choose a focussed 3-Month Programme.

Rolling Monthly Contract:

My simplest, catch-all, on-going coaching plan is as easy as it gets – 100 minutes of my time within a simple, month by month contract.

You can use your 100 minutes flexibly through telephone or email coaching or asking me to review documents such as CVs, letters and applications forms. We can arrange to call or Skype talk and of course you can email me. In any month you can use your time as you please. Most clients choose to schedule one or two calls in a month though sometimes I’m asked to review applications or plans for presentations – it’s your choice how you use this time!

Your investment for 100 minutes telephone or email coaching in the next month: £200.00.

Please do email me to review your situation or arrange a free, no obligation, 30 minute exploratory call.

Once we’ve spoken, if you’re happy to continue, do send me a signed copy of the contract agreement form and pay using PayPal or electronic BACS transfer.
Once you have paid your £200.00, don’t forget to complete the agreement form and return it to me, preferably by email.


Structured Three-Month Programme:

Together we will agree a target – career planning, time management, work-life balance, confidence, professional impact… whatever works for you.

Each programme is individually tailored to suit you and, though flexible, there will usually be a clear target for our work such as a job interview, delivering a presentation or dealing with a particular project. We will clarify your goals, plans and aspirations. We will find ways of bringing your inspiration and ideas to bear on what obstacles or opportunities line your way.

During each of the three months we usually arrange two telephone coaching sessions and of course, you can email me when you wish.

Your investment for telephone coaching sessions and email coaching as required: £650.00 for 3 months.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas and goals before booking the three month programme.

contact-margaretContact Margaret now for for more information or to book a call.


As a member of the Association For Coaching, all my work is according to the code of ethics which sets the expectation of best practice in coaching and mentoring.