The value of feedback and evaluation


As an educator or a trainer the end of every module or workshop is accompanied by a course evaluation exercise. The aim is to make sure that standards of teaching are high, that needs of students are met, that money is being spent wisely… Yet I’ve often wondered whether the information in feedback forms is really relevant. A recent publication reveals how inaccurate some feedback can be… Some very obviously false statements were included within a standard evaluation form and […]

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Where would you like to be in 3 months time?

Ok, so you’ve done the “first day back at work” thing? How did it go? Would you say that you had a productive day? I bet there were loads of emails to deal with, a few papers to file or tidy-up, a number of “Oh, that’s what I was doing!” moments and of course, catching up with stories of what your colleagues did over Christmas and New Year. What about day 2, was it better? OK, I guess you didn’t […]

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