Books on Prescription

Books on prescription: apple and a piggy bank on top of books

I’m really pleased to see that people in England are getting to share some of the privileges which people living in Wales have enjoyed for many years… and no, I’m not talking about an excess of rainfall! Way back in 2003 the Cardiff Books on Prescription Scheme was launched and, being so well received, effective and low-cost, the scheme spread throughout Wales. More recently, England has caught on to this idea and the Books on Prescription Scheme was officially launched […]

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Mindfulness with Michael Mosely

I’ve been hearing more and more about mindfulness over the last few years, how it can reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness and satisfaction, boost your immune system and no doubt increase your health and your lifespan! I believe it originated from a form of Bhuddist meditation though now is a form of practice not necessarily related to any religious principles though might well have deep roots of spirituality if you are that way inclined. Another translation of the original […]

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The Reason I Jump

The reason I jump - book cover

I discovered this little treasure while listening to the Radio 4 book of the week. “The Reason I Jump” is a book written by a 13 yr old Japanese boy, Naoki Higashida, with severe autism and significant communication difficulties. Unable to speak fluently, Naoki spelled out his book, one letter at a time by pointing to an alphabet board. The original Japanese text was translated by a couple who themselves were parents of an autistic son and who were keen […]

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Imposter Syndrome (or why I’m not as good as they think I am)

Imposter Syndrome

As one of my clients said “You mean there’s a whole syndrome and I thought I was the only one?” Have you ever had the experience of walking into a meeting at work, seeing the faces of your peers and colleagues around you and feeling as if you were a child walking into the “grown-up’s space” or that you just weren’t big enough, old enough or wise enough to be joining in this conversation? If you have, you are not […]

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Time Management when there’s too much to do

With so much to do and so little time, I need better time management. As the clock ticks and time passes with 60 minutes in every hour and 24 hours in every day, how come some people seem to achieve so much more than others? If we’re honest, we also know that on some days we achieve much more than on other days. So what’s the difference?! Experience has shown me that where I focus is where I go. When […]

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