3 top tips for stress-free presentations

Don't panic stamp

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I’ve recently delivered a series of Presentation Skills workshops within various universities where people have been getting ready to deliver a seminar to the experts and leaders in their field on a public stage. Many people naturally experience a degree of apprehension at the prospect of being evaluated by experts. What if we are tried and found wanting? I know anyone can only ever do their […]

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On being selfish

jigsaw puzzle of time

Many of my clients are simply run ragged. They have jobs and families and homes to run. Their to-do lists are literally without end and no sooner is one job ticked off the list than two more appear to take its place. Sound familiar? “When do you have time for you?” is a question frequently met either with a snort of laughter or a faint despair. It’s difficult to find a working mum who really does put herself first. The […]

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What should I do?

Success and Failure Road Sign

Should I take this job or not? What job should I do next? Do I stay or should I go? I get asked these questions frequently. These, and many similar, are presented to me by my coaching clients and while I suspect they might be quite happy for me to give them a direct answer with a certain yes or no, I’m not sure they are really expecting me to answer their career choices or business questions for them. Many […]

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The End of the Imposter Syndrome?

Shadow woman removing mask

I came across a lovely blog recently by Leo Babauta on The Fear of Being Found a Fraud. It’s a lovely, well written and thoughtful piece in which the author discusses how to finally overcome the fear of being found out. He starts by unfolding a little very important piece of philosophy.  I guess it’s very similar to the NLP presupposition that the map is not the territory. When we get to know another person, we do so from the […]

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Life’s messy – what next?

You’ve heard it said: it never rains but it pours… When the unexpected or unfortunate breaks into your life, what’s your general response? Are you more likely to roll with “Life’s messy – love it!” or do you think “Messy? Time to clear up!” My last two weeks have been busy. Not only was work fairly full-on (several workshops, lots of coaching and a fair few miles to travel) but, in between, life happened; family sickness, GP appointments and, to […]

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Better ways of giving feedback

Man with His Hand on His Forehead

Most people, in theory, crave effective feedback on their  performance within an organisation and practically, dread it when their managers offer to provide an opinion on how they do their job. There are so many really bad ways of giving feedback, an urgent question is, can we find a better way? Let’s start by considering why feedback so difficult to give or accept. I imagine we’ve all experienced negative feedback. It can come in many forms from the “Well that […]

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What Really Makes You Feel Good?

boy focussed on writing in notebook

The pursuit of happiness seems to be a 21st century obsession. Often we chase security, adventure, influence, money, status, relationships – or not. Frequently things like gadgets, shoes, books, cars… All these and more are things we think will make us happy. Yet, in and of themselves, they are not happiness. Certainly, money helps. Yet once we get above what it takes to live comfortably in our society or our social circle, the amount of money we have is a […]

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Lessons from your life

I was working with a new coach last week who was trying to understand what motivated me… we started by working through a life map or lifeline activity – I’ve described this previously and it’s a seriously good tool. One thing that really struck me this time round was recalling an event when I must have been just eleven years old. I had taken my end of year exams and just learned that I had scored 98 out of 100 […]

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Should I get up and leave now?

Community choir singing

Imposter feelings – where you seriously doubt whether you are good enough to be there – are surprisingly resilient. I got a fresh shot of panic, insecurity and inadequacy this week. As part of a local community choir I was learning, along with the 40 or so other members, a new song in four-part harmony. As I struggled to memorise a new melody and failed to hold the harmony when the other parts wove in and out of my line […]

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Boost Confidence & Reduce Stress in just 2 minutes

Cartoon of cogs working in a brain

Your mind affects, maybe even controls your body. Probably not news. We can also prove that your body affects your mind, how you feel, how you behave. Would you like to see how? Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist who has done just that and you can benefit from this knowledge within the next two minutes. We often read that an awareness of body language is important because it influences how other people think about you… but does your posture […]

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