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Faces2My typical client?


Many of my clients are researchers and academics. Most would recognise themselves as “quiet types”, people who think deeply or make decisions slowly. Often they are looking for a bit more certainty or strategies to live through the uncertainties of life.

Most have a “traditional” career path or would like one – they are familiar with the succession of short term contracts and would like more stability – so how to secure that Fellowship or tenured post? Other clients have lived that permanent contract for years. They have given their all to a career and now, often grudgingly, realise they want to escape! All of my clients are looking for growth – more satisfaction in their work or their life in general.

Growth is about creating a better fit between where you are and who you are.

Growth involves change and change can feel scary or exciting… The real question is whether you choose to engage with it or let it happen to you. The thing about change is that, even if you stand perfectly still, the world around you changes. It’s usually more fun to walk towards happiness or fulfillment, even when times are tough.

What are you looking for?

A life where there’s time to laugh or a way to make it all fit in?
Promotion, a career plan, some way to make work more fun again?
We only get one life so why not make it a life that we love while we’re still fit enough to enjoy it!

Man planning route on motorbike

We all know that people who feel happier are more healthy and even live longer. For many of my clients, work is our vocation, all we ever wanted to do – but somehow we thought we’d enjoy it more by the time we reached this stage in life…

Sometimes I think we get stuck in a rut. We don’t see an easy way out, we can’t see a way forward and we might be too scared to try the unknown. At these times it can be really powerful to have a sounding board, someone who will listen to what we want to say, who has new ideas, new insight… maybe someone who dares to ask “What would you do if you knew how or if you weren’t afraid?”.

I remember the feeling of doing a job that I loved but the things I loved gradually got swamped by stuff I didn’t enjoy. Does that sound familiar?  Often we fear that the only way to resolve this is to change jobs but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to move within organisations or to change aspects of the job in ways that work for you. Equally, it might be time for you to do something completely different. Would you like to explore your options?

Do people need to know about you and your work?

Woman ponderingOne of the most common situations I see is people, often women, who work hard, to high standards and expect that their good work and effort will naturally be rewarded. When this happens, great. Often I’m afraid, it doesn’t happen. Sometimes the good work you do needs to be brought to the attention of your colleagues and managers. This can feel really tough to do, boastful, big-headed and it shouldn’t be necessary – but sometimes it just is. We can certainly work on ways to improve your communication and raise your professional profile. I have some great ideas to help an introvert excel in an extrovert world!

Can you do it all?

Work, partner, family, parents… Are you struggling to fit it all in?

My life graphicWhat are the things on your plate? Are you caring for family, building a home-life, supporting aging parents? When I was in my mid-40s I increasingly had to support my parents who’s health was failing and finally became full-time carer for my disabled sister. Like you I expect, I was happy to provide the support but it came at a price.

On top of everything else, most people in work find themselves working for longer than their contracted hours – building those networks requires so much extra engagement and effort – and maybe you’re also commuting… Can you do it all? Is there a better way?

Wherever you find yourself, whatever your situation, if you’d like to  make some plans, ask a few questions or even find some better answers to the challenges of life then, great, just drop me a line. I might have a few answers to share and more importantly, I can certainly ask you some great questions to get you thinking more resourcefully about your options and choices.

If you’re ready to make some constructive changes I’d be honoured to work with you on your projects.

There are many different ways of working with me, some of which are outlined on the coaching page. Have a look and if they don’t suit right now, let’s talk about what would work for you.

At the very least, do have a look at my blog and do sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch with developments!